Dissociative Disorders and How to Deal with Them

Dissociative Disorders and How to Deal with Them

When people suffer a severe trauma, they may develop a dissociative disorder. This article examines issues surrounding dissociative disorders and how to deal with them.

In a person suffering from a dissociative disorder, there’s a disconnect between thoughts, identity, emotions, memories, surroundings, and actions. In one sense, people develop dissociate disorders to keep memories of a traumatic experience at bay.

Types of Dissociative Disorders

The first step in dissociative disorders and how to deal with them is to list the three types of dissociative disorder:

  • Dissociative Identity Disorder: This is what was once called multiple personality disorder. Patients take on different identities and traits at different times.
  • Dissociative Amnesia: Memory loss it the main symptom here. You may have lost memories of traumatic events or may forget basic information about yourself. No medical explanation exists for this type of memory loss.
  • Depersonalization-Derealization Disorder: People suffering from this disorder have “out-of-body” experiences that may last only for a few moments or go on for quite some time.

When to Seek Help and Diagnosis

If you are suffering from any of the above, experience flashbacks, or pose a risk to yourself or others, call emergency services.

During the examination, the physician will first do a physical check-up to rule out other conditions. Subsequently, you will undergo a psychiatric assessment.

Dissociative Disorders and How to Deal with Them – The Treatment

The treatment will depend on the dissociative disorder type. However, in most instances, doctors prescribe medication and the patient goes for therapy.

Final Thoughts

Dissociative disorders are very serious and require medical attention. Through counseling and dealing with the original trauma, people can process the causes over time. If you are worried that you are a loved-one may be suffering from dissociative disorder, seek help immediately.